Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We all know that what we intend directly impacts what we achieve. Sometimes knowing the intention behind an act or creation can help us understand the whole thing better. Sometimes what we intended and what we end up doing, (like when I say hurtful things that I didn't realize would hurt) are two very different things. It helps for the other person to know where you were coming from.

In my artist coaching group, we plan our goals and try to make ourselves aware of our own intentions. Uncannily, it is frequently the case that what you put out to the universe, the universe will deliver to you. "When one is fully committed, then providence moves too." So, I decided to put a message out to the universe.

I decided to put my intentions into tangible form. But first, I wanted to follow the admonition of the founder of the Artists Conference Network, Beverly Cassell, and "go shopping for possibilites."

So I made a shopping bag from my own personal Possibilities Shop!

I then went about creating my intentions--literally! Firstly, I wanted to have public recognition for my work--seen here with the crowds cheering and applauding. Next, I would like to have critical acclaim, seen right there in my "revue" written on that cute classic typewriter and last, but definitely not least, I created the intention of financial success. Note those are one thousand dollar bills; anything less seemed unfit.

Now I know just saying it, doesn't make it happen. But speaking up and recognizing your own intentions, is the first step to making them a reality.

What are your intentions?

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Cathy Hegman said...

Good exercise! I like your take on it! Along the way you will find you will have introspection and will learn about yourself through your art,and possibly you will change the items in the bag for different type things. Life changes with every stroke of paint! That is what keeps us painting! Love your blog!